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Our passage of time is who we are. The changing of events and experiences and our cumulative understanding of the world around us as we grow in our lives is shown in our memories. Our memory becomes our personal identity our personal account of the time we have spent here... Is this what we came here for? There is no answer or reason other than to experience time in a way like no other.


The time is up to you. Take a deep breath and stretch out a minute into an hour. Breathe again breath out and sync up to another plane. Time is you, and it is yours. You hold it in the palm of your hand. The infinity that makes up who we are exists everywhere, in everything.


If you sit still long enough and listen, there is a rhythm. It breathes in, and breathes out and if you listen to its beat you will find this energy, this vibration. Dance with it, let it flow through you, and you around you.


What will the overlay of your life look like when all of your time is stacked on top of you?


Sometimes the world feels like it is spinning around me, as if I am the center of the universe and the cosmos spin around me at full speed. But then the feeling passes and I remember to step back in.

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